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Thread: Trading with the devil######HDD woes

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    Trading with the devil######HDD woes

    We were just speaking about the stories from tiger.

    An email from a good friend.

    Tiger Direct *****ed me by sending a busted WD drive that didn' t work and that was discontinued. We re-ordered a replacement from Toshiba but the *****ers never sent me an email telling me it was back ordered. When I got back from vacation on Tuesday, I was pissed and called them up demanding them to ship me a replacement with overnight shipping. They wouldn't comp me the overnight shipping so I told them to ***** off and credit my cc for the original cost of the item, plus the overnight shipping we spent sending the busted drive back ($20). I then went to ZipZoomFly and ordered the Hitachi you suggested on Tuesday. It didn't arrive until fri, but that was ok. It works great.

    I suggested that Hitachi when I bought mine a few months ago. He was rightfully livid, but I told him relax, you make a little over 80k a year.

    Tiger has burnt someone I know..............they get the cut-off now, even if they do have a deal now or then.

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    We should all bow to the great !mitationRust

    But seriously though, I like the layout of the site, better then tiger's. It's easier to find what your looking for. Though a lot their products aren't very cheap, I did find this to be a good deal: http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/Produc...uctCode=101564
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