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Thread: RSS RDF reader

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    RSS RDF reader

    I am usualy googling my nic and I found that page

    Here is showing last 20 post that was posted to this forum.
    And I thought that it can be intresting......

    Some kind of:
    new test site
    EDIT: ooppss.. found that jinx is page of jinx.... nice...i like it....i should'nt post this post may be but it looks nice..
    // too far away outside of limit

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    There seems to be some sort of problem.................notice the last few threads all have the "Zealocy" title, but that is not what the thread is about?

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    Yeah.. my old rss engine was broken..
    I should remove it.. really..

    Especially since AO now has it's own RSS..

    The RSS generator was created before AO had its own rss feeds, by HTRegz and me in some thread..
    It is generated from the front page every couple of minutes..

    The reader was an XML parser php test I did.. And use quite frequently in a different form..

    I've fixed the generator, so http://jinx.etv.cx/ao.xml is fixed, and so is it's web representation you pointed at..
    Don't know for how long..

    Funny thing is that my rss has a lot more info then AO's..

    Notice any differences ?

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