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Thread: PLL Issues

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    PLL Issues

    Hi folks! hows life doing?

    I recently bought this second hand motherboard + cpu for a very reasonable price, its a P4 1.5Ghz, and here is the motherboard information

    08/03/2001 I850-W83627-6A6950-D49C-00



    CY2220 PVC-2

    A 02 PHI 0132

    CYP 625121

    /* 14.3F1HB */

    I installed CPUcool to change the FSB frequency and for my disapointment, says this PLL is not supported and "it will never be by any program".

    My question is, is there any other way to overclock this CPU?

    i really whanted to get the maximum from this.

    Thanx ppl, cheers to everyone.

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    Did you look for an option in the bios setup??
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    Yes, doesnt have any option for altering the frequency :S, perhaps a BIOS update? (doubt but..) if so, can anyone point me the way to download a bios update for this motherboard? never made one..

    And if not, any..manual way to overclock it? jumpers etc..


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    I'd always thought that if there wasn't some place in the Bios to adjust the fsb settings then the board was unclockable. [correct me if i'm wrong]
    I know with some old boxes you could just mess around with some of the pins and do it that way, but anyhow try http://driverguide.com
    you should most likely find something there i think.


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    Remember guys some cpu,s lock your clock multiplier in the bios therefore if you can increase the fsb it would proportionally push up the screencard and rams fsb as well and might make your system inoperable..Give us your main!!reason why you want to overclock??
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    Hi The_Crow
    I did a google search for PLL (phase locked loop) and it looks like with that mobo u cannot unlock the PLL with cpucool ( http://www.cpufsb.de/FSB.HTM)
    The only way you can overclock this mobo is by adjusting the clock multiplier (66,100 and 133 Mhz)
    This mobo is a DFI WT70 EC and is totaly jumperless
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    Hi guys, thanx for the replays so far, i went to the DFI site and i already flashed the bios with the latest update, titanmike, how can i adjust the clock multiplier? in the bios i dont have that option..

    I whant to overclock it, just to take the most out of this, this is not my main machine, but still i whant it to be at maximum, learning..cause and effect

    Cheers ppl

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    Overclocking a computer without intimate knowlege on the subject can be hazardous..

    Not all motherboards allow overclocking (without hardware modifications), same goes for processors..

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