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Thread: Google : the 100 billion dollar baby!

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    Google : the 100 billion dollar baby!

    Don'tcha wish you had original stock...OPPS...missed another one...just 14 months ago you could've put up your life savings mortgaged your home and bought at only 85 bucks a share...and quadrupled your money...

    SAN FRANCISCO Google Inc.'s market value briefly surpassed $100-billion (U.S.) for the first time Friday, its stock scaling new heights after an earnings and revenue spike that astonished investors.

    The on-line search leader's shares traded as high as $346.43 on the Nasdaq Stock Market before backtracking as the day progressed. The shares had gained $36.16, or 11.9 per cent, as their price eased to $339.36 in late afternoon trading.

    After the slight retreat, Google's market value stood at $98-billion after just seven years in business. That was nearly $20-billion above the market value of Hewlett Packard Co. a Silicon Valley pioneer founded 66 years ago.

    Google's shares have nearly quadrupled since their initial public offering at $85 just over 14 months ago a stretch that has been marked by stunning financial growth and a steady stream of new products designed to lure even more traffic to a search engine that seems to spit out profits as efficiently as it does answers.
    Globetechnology: Google's stock soars higher

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    Correct me if i'm wrong, but many years ago is it true that they tried selling Google.?.
    i mean when it was still in the developmental stages when no-one knew about it and Yahoo was the big thing..

    Anyhow i think that the road is endless for Google, i mean they are bringing out so many useful things, they are defiantly playing in the Big League now, and good on 'em.

    So anyone got some cheap shares they wanna get rid of

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    Hi .:front2back:.,

    I remember when I could've bought into Sony before they hit the NA market big...who knew?


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    15 yrs from now, when we and an alien race make first contact, there conversation prior to talking to us will go something like this:

    1st Alien: ehueh,mmi8qijdo323.49304- lksfoklof (translation: 3rd Planet shows signs of civilization)

    2nd Alien: 3848kks-aokd. fdkjpp;a.,,.ds,c (translation: our logs show their current time line to be 2019)

    1st Alien: 9384 jji uirf9e.,l,dl (translation: Communication from 3rd planet indicate the huminoids to be called "Googlians").

    2nd Alien: 129894k=dsfkldlkf.!!efidjope (translation: The head Googlian is someone called Bill Gates)

    ain't that scary
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    ok, I was really on top of the whole Google IPO thing a while back... they were selling stock diffferently than most companies which just sell their stock to "prefferred customers" but, im just a regular almost 21 yr old college student, could i realistically have gotten some Google stock? I wanted too but didnt... if it was possible for me to grab some im gonna be really really sad lol.
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