'ello 'ello. Im sitting at working staring at the clock and getting bored. I've been thinking about the main problems I've been dealing with at work and I've noticed that OutLookExpress and BDX are the one problem that everyone just gives up on.

My question is, is there any free tool to repair or exstract emails from a currupt dbx file? or a way to recover these messages? Basicly if a custemer calls, we would just delete the file test there email and be done with it. The only problem with that is that there inbox is now gone.
I dont want to ask my employers to buy a repair tool because that money would come out of all the big dollars they pay me per hour HAH!

So if anyone knows a FREE tool to fix the inbox or recover the messages OR a way/process for me to get these back. I and many of my callers would thank you.

Also I have checked the fallowing
1) Google
2) Sourceforge.net
3) Freshmeat.net
4) Antionline (Forum search)