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Thread: 3Com and Cisco and Spanning Tree

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    3Com and Cisco and Spanning Tree

    I've got a question about Spannin Tree and Cisco/3Com switches. Because 3Com doesn't know PVST (Per VLAN Spanning TRee) and Cisco does, it is not a good choice in a multi-vendor situation. What can i do to create redundant layer 2 paths ? 3Com (3300 + 4400) does support Rapid Spanning Tree and Cisco does too. Can someone tell me how to configure it on a Cisco Switch ?



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    Re: 3Com and Cisco and Spanning Tree

    Originally posted here by remco1981
    Can someone tell me how to configure it on a Cisco Switch ?
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    A word of advice. Before implementing a newer protocol, it's very wise to understand exactly how it will behave in your environment. If you aren't familiar with RST, I would give the following doc a good read first.


    We implemented it simply for the huge recovery time differece (around a minute as apposed to milliseconds with RST). This was a new requirement for us and RST filled it nicely.

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