Hi all,

Ok im trying to access my home computer which is running RealVNC server, from my computer in College which is behind a proxy, thus i cant connect to my computer at home.

I was thinking if i set up Bouncer on my box in college as follows:

bouncer.exe --bind --port 9999 --destination MyHomePC:443 --tunnel CollegeProxy:8080

(My college proxy allows HTTP, HTTPS, SSH)

Then have my RealVNC server at home listening on Port:443

I should be able to connect to my home computer by typing this in the RealVNC viewer dialog box on my College box: and then just connect?

Im quite new to this, so im sure ive probably got it wrong, but i would be grateful for any advice or alternative suggestions you can give me!

I wont be in college for a while to try it out so i just want to see if anyone knows if it would work?