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Thread: my yahoo password got hacked

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    Red face my yahoo password got hacked

    hi every body ,

    i am in a big trouble here.....i yahoo password got hacked because the question i kept was very easy and someone broke it...is there any chance that while i chat with him from another ID can i get the IP of tht guy's machine is there any tool for tht...please help me in that regard..so tht i can catch tht guy ....he is a known person to me thats for sure


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    Yahoo! Help - Report Abuse Help

    How about giving this link a try [1] .

    [1] Yahoo! Help - Report Abuse Help

    Hope that helps ... Maybe some other members might have better suggestions ...
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    thankx agent_steal,

    thank u for ur quick response...i think that link is probably for those to complain about any abuse of yahoo account..i know tht one of my frends might have cracked that password and i want to catch him redhanded which i can do if i get his IP


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    You are probably wasting your time, just change your password and question and get on with life.

    The person's IP address may well be dynamic and/or they may be using a proxy (a good bet if they are messing you around). So the information will probably be meaningless or inconclusive.

    I am open to correction here but I believe that if you engage someone in IM and persuade them to download/open a file you can use traceroute to find the IP address? However, as I have suggested, this information may well be pretty useless.

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    yeah nihil your right (afaik) when you are chatting to someone on an IM it is normally like so :

    you --msg--> IM Server --msg--> buddy

    but when you start a file transfer it skips the server and initiates a direct p2p connection. So a simple netstat -n will show you the other persons ip (unless they are behind a proxy or such)

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    Or why don't you just create a new ID.?
    import all your old contacts and just let 'em know that you have changed ID and to ignore the old one..


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    i know tht one of my frends might have cracked that password
    If it's one of your 'friends' as them for their IP when you go online. Also if it's your 'friend' ask for the account back.

    Otherwise follow the other suggestions.

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    If your going to try "back-hacking" him I wouldnt suggest it... its more trouble than its worth. just get a new yahoo id and move on.
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