I really hope that Valhallen reads this, but Im sure theres other flash specialists out there too .....

Just to save anyone time: if you don't program in flash or aren't interested in it you may as well move on to a more interesting thread for you ....

Im building a website in flash and Im doing it so all images are loaded directly from their file folders as they're needed rather than enlarging the file size of the site by importing images and texts directly into the flash document.

What I'v done is created a Movie Clip Loader, Listener and Load Variables on frame 1 of an actions layer in a master document. Like this:


var ffMCL:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
var ffListener:Object = new Object();



var ffLV:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

ffLV.onLoad = function (success) {
	if (success) {
		_level5.loadedInfo.htmlText = ffLV.info;
	} else {
		_level5.loadedInfo.text = "There has been an error loading the requested information.  Please contact the Webmaster and report your error.";  
Everything here works fine ...

On frame 10 of the same layer theres this (for now):


ffMCL.loadClip("slideShw.swf", 5);
In a seperate Flash Document, created to hold a slide show, I have made a Movie Clip box to display the loaded images, 2 dynamic text fields, and 2 buttons ( previous and next)
And again on frame 1 of an actions layer of this same document there is the following code:

var slideInfoLV:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

var curFrameNum:Number = 0;

function loadFrame() {
	_level0.ffMCL.loadClip("images/jpegs/Picture" + curFrameNum + ".jpg", this.imagesMC);

// ---------------<next slide button>------------------\\

this.nextSlideBtn.onRelease = function() {
	if (curFrameNum < Number(slideInfoLV.totalFrames) - 1){
	} else {
		curFrameNum = 0;

I haven't coded for the previous button yet, but we can imagine it'll look very similar to the above code for the next button ....
And to check this we would simply run the master.swf file. Everything here works well except for one minor (or not so minor) oddity that doesn't seem to be in any reference or troubleshooting manual.

When one views the slideShw.swf file they simply see the Movie Clip that is meant to load the images (blank, as it should be) and some static text, and everything is where it should be.
But when we go to the master.swf doc. and run it, we see the images (as we should) but the Movie Clip box that loads these is horribly mis-placed far low and far to the right (so the buttons are actually overlapping about midway through the images).

The master and slideShw documents are exactly the same size and its not in the alignment of anything I may have done (or not done), I think Iv narrowed it down to this line of code:

_level0.ffMCL.loadClip("images/jpegs/Picture" + curFrameNum + ".jpg", this.imagesMC);
Its a basically simple line, using simple concatation and relative URL's.
I blame this line of code because if I comment it out, everything is aligned/placed correctly once again - I just, obviously, don't get my images loaded.
I can't figure it out, and Iv never seen anything like it before, it just seems so f***ing simplistically silly its maddening.

Before anyone replies to this I should say a few things about the nature of the site - its a commercial site, which is why Im being so cautious and meticulous about file sizes and simplicity & efficiency regarding future editing of the information, ALL images and texts are loaded, as they are needed from external files, based on external .css's.
And yes, I could rearrange the placement of things on the slideshw.fla document so everthing is properly aligned and placed when the master.swf is run, but then both the .fla and .swf of the slideshw.* are all messy looking and there lacks a professional looking layout on the backups, everything should be able to run properly as is, Im missing something and its something, I'm sure, very minuscule.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and I certainly hope Valhallens see's this (He's the one that got me interested in Flash initially).

I'll pre-thank all respondents now.