Hey Hey,

I've been charged with some website updates here at work and the site is entirely in flash, not exactly my forte with web design.

Anyways.... What we have is a section of Bio pages... each employee has one with an image of them. The image tweens from the right of the screen to just past center. The image is a circle, which means using either a GIF or PNG with a transparent background (correct??). The problem I'm having is that when I import the image to the library and then add it to the movie, it looks fine... When I export the movie and play it, the image is very rough around the edges. The circle looks jagged instead of smooth as it originally was... I've tried everything I can think of.. used a Gif, used a PNG, used a really big file and decreased the size, made it the exact size.. hell I even tried using a smaller image size and dragging it larger. I've done interlaced and non-interlaced.. I've left it as an image and converted it to a symbol... Everytime it stays rough.. now sometimes it's a little less rough than others, but it's never completely smooth... The other Bio pages on the website are all completely smooth... and I've looked at them.. they're done no differently than I'm doing this one.....

Is there some hidden smothing feature in flash, or some way I can fix this?