In the PC, Maxtor's new 500-GB drives will be available as either the DiamondMax 11 or as part of an Ultra16 upgrade kit, which will retail for a suggested price of $349.95.

All of the new drives include a 16MB buffer and are available with 3.0-Gbit SATA II features including native command queuing (NCQ), staggered spin up, hot-plug and asynchronous signal recovery.

Maxtor's new drive offerings also include 400- and 500-GB versions of is QuickView drives for PVRs and other CE applications, which have been enhanced with ATA 7 Streaming Commands for multistream video management. In PVR terms, 500 gigabytes can store up to 89 hours of HDTV or about 500 hours of standard-definition video.

The additional capacity points were also added to Maxtor's MaXLine of enterprise drives. Maxtor MaXLine Pro drives include rotational vibration compensation, to avoid errors caused by many rotating drives spinning within a RIAD array, as well as 15-second accelerated data recovery and a suite of self tests.
Maxtor Breaks 500-GB Barrier