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Thread: Google Earth not on Windows ME

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    Google Earth not on Windows ME

    I just tried Google Earth on a computer using Windows XP. It's amazing considering that I use dial-up conection.

    The only problem is that my computer at home has Windows ME. Google Earth does not work on ME. It supports only 2000 and XP. DAMN!!!

    Is there no way i can use Google Earth on Me???

    I am a newbie and I might have placed this post in the wrong place...plz help me out


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    Hi panther_black,

    System Requirements...

    Google Earth - System Requirements

    you might find something here...if you look around...

    Google Earth Hacks Forums - New Google Earth Update Available - 3.0.0464


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    and pls dont double post - if you feel you have posted your thread in the wrong forum pls PM a mod to move it



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    Thanx for the help. How do know you who the mod is?

    I thought my qstn mite have been solved before too... but i cudn't find nything in search.
    Keep posting if you think you know what should be done

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    Originally posted here by panther_black
    Thanx for the help. How do know you who the mod is?

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    The mod is the person on the top of the forum page...or the ones in bold on ' Who's Online '...

    Global Mods:




    Eg ...not me

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    Actually now i am even wondering that why am i talking only abt Google Earth. Many applications don't work on so many OS. Is there no way, maybe some hacking tool or sumthing, which can make the application work on other OS???

    Even if you don't know about Google Earth, let me know about such tools for other applications...knowledge always comes in handy.

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    panther_black my young friend,

    I am sorry to have to tell you that this is not possible.

    Please trust me, I have experience of "making things go". Mostly it is because you cannot get the driver programs.................otherwise the OS/browser does not support the required features such as MMX, ActiveX etc.....................................

    Some software will "defend" itself against being loaded on a system that will not show it in its best light?

    You need a new computer old chap?..................although, if your box will run ME you should be able to get WIN2000 to run on it quite well. In my experience it is actually a less demanding OS.

    For something like Google Earth you will need to check your graphics card as well.

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