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Thread: Strange Networking Issue

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    Strange Networking Issue

    This is only occuring on one computer, and it just started recently (until this week, I've had no such problems from it):

    It has two NICs (tried running both one and then both, no difference), and neither one will connect to either WAN or LAN. I can't even ping computers on the same LAN, as I get "Destination host unreachable" or "Unknown host [computer name]."

    So I ran an ipconfig, and got nothinge more back than "Windows 2000 IP Configuration". Nothing else.

    Ran an ipconfig all, and got:

    Host Name.......................: [my computer's name]
    Primary DNS Suffix............: [our domain]
    Node Type........................: Broadcast
    IP Routing Enabled...........: No
    WINS Proxy Enabled.........: No

    And if I try an ipconfig /renew:

    "Error: No adapters bound to TCP/IP are enabled for DHCP."

    Now here's the kicker -- There is no static IP address configured, it's ALL dynamic. The latter message usually indiciates a preset static IP. So now what do I do? It can't communicate with any computer within or beyond the LAN.

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    You could try and remove the NICS...reboot-then reinstall.
    Reset your preferences??

    Did you try a hard boot...total powerdown?

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    try to remove one NIC
    try again
    swap the NIC's around
    Try again

    I assume XP ?
    is it joined to your domain?

    try and plug it into a known good network point
    use the known good cable in the suspect network point

    have you had any 'problems' recently ? power outs / surges / PC rage

    have you checked that it still is getting IP addy's dynamically ?
    that the use this IP addy box hasn't been checked
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    Windows 2000...

    Tried all above suggestions, nothing worked.

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    it sounds like your TCP stack is corrupted. Have you done a repair installation of the OS?

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    Remove TCP\IP and then reinstall....

    What changed from last week to this week??

    Try new cards...or a card from a machine that is working??

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    Hey Hey,

    Try netsh int ip reset reset.log you may need to grab netsh from the res kit in 2000.. not sure about that.. but it will work with 2000.

    Another option would be to grab winsock fix - http://www.itc.virginia.edu/central/...D=67&nav=title

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    Nothing changed from last week to this week (in fact, I wasn't even here, it's been sitting idle!).

    Swapped various NICs.

    Reinstalled the OS.

    And STILL nothing.


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    Reinstalled the OS.
    Doesnt make sense...when you set it up..it asks you about your network settings???

    It didnt do that???

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    It did, only it failed to find the network in order to connect to it.

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