Oct. 25, 2005 - Version
* Added: the program now remembers state of the Explorer window upon exit
* Fixed: error when resizing burning windows
* Fixed: inadequate representation of the CD Copy window under certain conditions
* Fixed: mess with icons in the Burn ISO Image project

Oct. 13, 2005 - Version
* Added: setting to change the default TEMP folder
* Added: "Save as…" dialog for saving DBR files
* Added: size of the tasks window is now being remembered upon restart of the program
* Added: width of the tree-view parts of windows is now being remembered
* Improved: disk size meter at the bottom of the project window
* Improved: session selection dialog now shows all sessions without horizontal scroll bars
* Improved: noticeable speed increase when adding large number of files into the compilation window
* Fixed: incorrect interpretation of files larger than 4.2 GB
* Fixed: horizontal scrollbars appearing in the message window when they aren't suppose to
* Fixed: vertical scrolling in the message window now shows the latest events last when minimizing
* Fixed: bug with reappearing elements in the Tools menu
* Fixed: disappearing font attributes in the Print Label feature
* Fixed: incorrect selection of selected files after drag&drop
* Fixed: bug when CD label remained unchanged after loafing of previously saved DBR files with different CD label info
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