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Thread: wat is photoreading

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    wat is photoreading

    wat is photoreading and does the book on photoreading by paul scheeles really work.
    did someone here tried this book.
    with the help of this book can we memorize any book???????
    please help me bcpz i gotta memorize lotta stuff for my exams next month

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    Perhaps if you'd gone to class & done the work...

    IMHO there are no shortcuts to learning.

    Better get the coffee on!

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    Hi sandeshtrivedi,

    Don't know about the book...but...if you're a normal person with normal memory I find if you want to remember something write it down a few times and it'll stick in your head.

    If you have to remember a lot of things then focus on writing ' only ' the main points...condense it.

    It takes some time but it'll pay off...anything worthwhile takes time.


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    I did the same as Eg for my exams. Write everything you think is important 3 times. You could try memory maps etc.

    Go buy coffee.

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    "photoreading" or "photographic memory" is pretty useless in the exam room. Your main enemy is time?................you need to understand your subject to pass.

    Just think about it.....................if you had all your text books, you would fail because of the amount of time it took you to look up and read stuff you should have already done?

    Remember to pace yourself and answer the required number of questions ...............the first 40% of the marks are the easiest

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    it will be intresting if u post some info about the book or its concept...

    as for me, i don't think study makes u remember, u somehow have to get familiar with stuff
    either from practice, or doing some reading about stuff or watching related topics about it on discovery channel
    and like that u end up not memorizing stuff but thinking about them and knowing them
    and u won't forget stuff after the end of exam

    and another advice, when it comes to exams, u don't have to know all the stuff.. just choose the courses u like and study them enough to get enough grades to pass
    that of course will work if u pass according to the sum of ur grades not each grade

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