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Thread: Whats this?

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    Question Whats this?

    Hello, Im just new here and I would like to know your opinion about this application, because I found it strange.


    Thank you.

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    *cough* Bullsh*t *cough*
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    If you don't like the looks of it uhh... don't bother?

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    Just after a quick look at their web site.....I would say to run away from them, don't walk but run.

    They have 1 question and 1 answer in their FAQ section and that is just an advertisement. They don't offer any specs or even any description of what their application does or doesn't do. And a good 1/3 of their page is the download button.
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    I agree with all that has been said, if they cant even bother to give you a good description of what their product is/does... for God Sakes dont buy it! it seems pretty useless to me.. there is many more apps that will do a better job that than. btw welcome to AO
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    Thank you so much guys...

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    Not on this list yet, but I am sure E Howes will add it at some point if there are problems, use this for future reference when considering downloading what looks like a neat program.

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    flee! flee for your life! it is the devils own creation come to wreak digital distruction upon your box! close the blasphemous window, bless you machine with holy water and never return to that evil place again!!!

    (note: do not use more than 20 drops of holy water or you will learn what people mean when they say they 'fried' their computer)
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