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Thread: AV upload?

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    AV upload?

    OK...probably a stupid question but I've never encountered this before...so...

    I update AVG regularly...every day..today was somewhat different in that, of all the days I have updated, this is the very first time it told me I had to restart my computer...

    it's never done this before.

    Is it because there was a much larger than normal file to upload? Normally it's a small file...zip it's done...but for some reason today there was a larger than normal file that took over 8 min to download.



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    I noticed that too...

    I figured it was also an application\scan engine update....not just definitions.

    Because it updates the application itself....this may\would require a reboot???


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    Spot on Morgana~

    It updated the engine (operating program). As it also runs for the interactive scanning, and had loaded when you booted, you needed to reboot to load the new interactive scanning program.

    I had the same myself, but being an old DOS fart, I did not worry, you used to get a load of TSR (Temporary Stay Resident) programs in DOS. The general principle is pretty much the same?

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