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Thread: Tracking laptop thefts

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    Question Tracking laptop thefts

    Hi All,

    Could you please tell me that is there any tool/utility which will give the information about when the machine has been disconnected from network.

    Recently we lost a couple of laptops, we were not able to trace exact timings of these when it got disconnected from network. Suspect is on my co-workers, only authorised people can enter that room. I know there are lot of monitoring tools available, but difficult to monitor 100 laptops.

    Any tool/utility which alerts or logs when the laptop disconnects from network, so that we can trace who excatly was there in that floor during that particular time.


    is it possible to find out from AD through time stamps/KB tickets? if so how?


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    Make sure you auditing is enabled on your security logs.

    Look for event id 538.

    Event ID 538 can be generated under one of the following conditions [1]:

    Event ID 538 Possibilities Logon Type
    Network Logoff 3
    Net use disconnection 3
    Auto-disconnect 3
    Interactive Logoff 2

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I agree that auditing tracks only when an attempt is made to DC or any other network resource, but if I don't access any of the network resource for a certain period and remove the network cable there will be no trace in audit logs...

    Going for commercial products is good when it got stolen, but am looking at some proactive mechanism than reactive.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    Hi Pravi~ just a few questions...................

    Why do you use laptops in the first place. By design they are portable devices intended to be connected and disconnected?

    only authorised people can enter that room.
    how is that enforced?

    What about cleaners, maintenance personnel, security guards?

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    There's a cheap and simple way to prevent laptops from being stolen..

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