hi guys

i am programming a database application using microsoft sql server, visual basic 6.0, crystal reports 9

the application has to navigate throu different databases

in development, first there was a version done for one database, now we have to do it for more that database

the hole forms are working fine,everything is saving and reading from its own place
i did this by specifying the conection properties or by changing dsn

but when i arrived to the crystal reports, first the database fields were taken from the "history" u see in the database select expert
i thought it was the problem, so in crystal report i created a new connection pointing it to a certain dsn
then in runtime, i changed the dsn
but it would still point to the same dsn in the reports

so guys, can anyone help me in specifying the data source of the reports in runtime
i would be really really thanksful

10x for advance for any help