I received an email saying that all of Brainbench's tests have been opened up for free to prepare you for the Brainbench 2006 Games. If anyone participated last year, you'll know what this is. If not... its bascially a bunch of different tests that allow you to indentify your strengths and weaknesses on a given subject.

You can assign a job role (or multiple job roles for that matter) and take the tests. If you pass, you get a brainbench certificate (digital). If you want the paper copy, you have to shell out some $.

I've taken and passed about 19 of these things now. I've finished the IT Security Professional job role, but only have one or two more in 3 other roles. A lot of the tests overlap roles... so you take one test and it could apply to 3 or 5 roles.

They are pretty nice tests, though sometimes the test questions are outdated. They just create newer tests in that case. They don't revise the older tests.

Anyway, free from Nov 1-15 2005. They will open the Brainbench 2006 games sometime in April.

From their email:

Time to start fall training for our 2nd Annual Bench Games!

Over a quarter million people participated in last year's Bench Games, Brainbench's certification competition. We've listened to your requests and will be bringing back the Games in April 2006. Until then, to help you prepare for the Games, Brainbench is opening its entire library of certification tests (regularly priced at $49.95 per test) for two weeks FREE OF CHARGE!

That's right, over 500 Brainbench certifications will be available to you at no charge* from November 1 - 15, 2005.

Upgrade your resume - impress your boss - show off to your friends - and it will cost you nothing but your own time investment. This event is open to everyone, so make sure to tell your friends to register today!