Pilot fish gets a frantic call from the CFO first thing in the morning: "Help! I have a presentation to give in five minutes and the projector won't focus!"
When the CFO picked up the projector from the IT department, fish offered to walk him through its operation. But the CFO insisted he knew how to use it.

And he does, at least a little. "I hit F8 and nothing changes," CFO tells fish. "When I turn the zoom, I can tell the image moves in and out, but it's out of focus. And I can turn the focus ring and I think it changes."

Hmm, says fish. For your laptop, you have to hold the function key while you press F8. But that doesn't have anything to do with the focus.

"The lens is very foggy," says CFO.

Did you just bring it in from the car, or is it by the air conditioner? asks fish.

"No, but it is very loose," CFO says. "When I turn the focus ring, the lens turns with it. Oh, it just fell out, and the image is clear now," CFO says -- realizing he's holding the lens cap in his hand.