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Thread: Disabling Windows XP Firewall

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    Question Disabling Windows XP Firewall

    Hey all, im completely new at this so bear with me. I want to know if it is possible to disable Windows XP firewall (service pack 2 i guess?) without admin controll . If it is possible I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.
    My basic problem is that I cant get my file sharing program, Bearshare to work due to the firewall. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. ~Mahalo~

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    instead of disabling your firewall. Leaving your computer open for attacks, why don't you ditch that file sharing program, and just go out and purchase the programs etc. Instead.?.


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    Just a question Blindstone..........

    Why do not have admin priveledges? It seems to me if you do not have that, you most likely should not be messing around with the system in question. Especially when it comes to file share.


    And BTW welcome to AO.

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    Whatever your intentions may be, to answer your question - no, to my knowledge you are required to have administrative rights to disable Windows Firewall...
    - Maverick

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