Hi All, Ponyboy turned me on to the fact you can get some pretty cool stuff free from the NSA. While I was searching around I found a cool info pack you can get from them. It comes in a blue box with the NSA logo on it, and while some of the info in it may be fluff to some of us it's still pretty cool looking on your reference shelf.
Here is the description from the site:
Awareness Toolkit
To enhance awareness and encourage Information Assurance (IA) education and training within the Federal Government, the members of the National Information Assurance Education and Training Program (NIETP) developed the idea of a "tool kit," consisting of appropriate IA information. Designed with your special needs in mind, the tool kit may contain items such as CDs, videos, and brochures and pamphlets. All items are designed to assist IAD customers in fostering an awareness of IA issues. The simplicity of the tool kit makes it very useful in government, education, training and awareness programs.
The tool kits are tailored to the customer, so a specific list of contents is not available. If you are interested in obtaining a toolkit, contact the NIETP or email nietptoolkit@nsa.gov.

More info at:

Mine came with two DVDs and 7 CD on multiple topics like basic web security, locking down Windows and Unix boxes. The CDs seem to contain Shockwave flash presentations. Pretty cool for free.