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Thread: Oracle Worm

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    Oracle Worm

    I thought that maybe some of you guys might just find these links [1,2] informative or somehow useful. It explains a little bit how the worm functions and also provides you with some detail on how to protect yourself ...

    [1] Oracle Worm in Pure SQL (PoC)
    [2] Analysis Oracle Voyager Worm
    Operation Cyberslam
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    Thats nifty. The way it spreds is pretty simple but the fact that its all sql. Awesome, Now theres a way to hide a worm. I think the authers of those links are right, its been proven it can be done. I think some one will finish the job, I wonder if you could have one worm that would work on pg/my/ms/oracle. I mean most of them come with default ports and usernames I do beleave. All the more reason to not have default passwords and to firewall.
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