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Thread: Some more security tools

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    Some more security tools

    Going by This wonderful list of security tools.

    But found that it does not list any tools to detect/eliminate rootkits from a system. Therefore I had to search for some more tools.

    I have just read about some security tools while searching for the information on Rootkit removal techniques. Thought that it will be useful to discuss it with members also.

    Here are some rootkit detection/removal tools

    1. F-Secure Blacklight
    2. Rootkit Revealer
    3. The Cleaner (Another Related tool).

    I have used Rootkit Revealer from sysinternals, it does detect some hidden key in the system registry and suspicious files. But it does not provide any way to fix the problems detected. User has to manually log into Safe Mode and fix the reported problems. F-Secure Blacklight is still in beta stage.. (unfortunalely) could not run it on Win2k3 machine, as it does not support this OS yet.

    Also I have found some useful aritcles on this subject.

    Here is one nice article

    This list also seems to be useful

    I am looking for some tools to check for possible rootkits installed on Win2k3 server machine in my office. The machine is being used as a web server. Any suggestions from members will be welcomed.

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    Notice: This is a Beta version of F-Secure BlackLight -software. Therefore, the software may malfunction, cause your computer to malfunction, operate erroneously and/or affect the operation of other software in adverse manner. By downloading and using the software you accept such risks and agree not to hold F-Secure responsible and/or liable for your use of the software.
    Just reading that has turned me of using this program...

    Other then that, somewhat great list. was expaceting more then 3 tools to be listed. but hey not everyone can be satisfied..


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    was expaceting more then 3 tools to be listed
    Well..I made the above post while actually working on the machine to find possible rootkits/malware on it... doing a bit more survey using google fetched me the following tools..

    1. Rootkit Hunter (mainly for Linux/ Free BSD distros).
    2. chkrootkit (also for Linux/Free BSD)
    3. UnHackMe (For Windows based machines)
    4. Trojan Hunter

    Though I am yet to try and analyze these tools but they serve as useful addition to the above list.

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