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Thread: Google Down?

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    Google Down?

    Hey just wondering if anyone else has experienced not been able to get onto google? or gmail?

    Been trying for the last 30minutes, on various machines, *nix and windows.
    But still getting a time out, can get any other site by typin into Url but carn't get google? nor gmail?


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    its 3:11 am Texas time and for me both Google and Gmail are down
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    10.18Hrs GMT....................all OK over here?

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    Must have been a temporary outage....I couldn't get to gmail earlier but now I can and to google like wise.
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    Hmm seems they are now back online....
    Wonder what was happenin... they were out for nearly and hour. So maybe they were updating or something..

    thanks, i thought the weed i had earlier was just making me paranoid..

    **Thread Closed***

    Always wanted to say that

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