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Thread: help me with the keylogger on my machine

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    Unhappy help me with the keylogger on my machine

    hi friends,

    i hav a keylogger installed on my machine and i do get emails from unknow people telling all what i do on my computer. i tried my best to detect it and delete it but i m unable to do it. pls help me

    kewl,chill n hav fun

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    and i do get emails from unknow people telling all what i do on my computer.
    LOL,first...that just sounds all wrong
    Next..here's a few things you can do..
    Get either of these..or both..
    1.The Cleaner(www.moosoft.com)
    2.A-squared (www.emsisoft.com/en/software/free/)
    Scan your system with both and see what they bring up.I'd also advise getting HijackThis(www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html ),saving it in a new folder,running a scan and posting the log here.


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    Do you know what logger it is....

    Personally...if I had one on my I would backup the data...and format\reinstall...

    Do you know how it got on your machine??

    Who else has physical access to it??

    Is it your work machine...or your home machine??

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    Scan your system with both and see what they bring up.
    Remember to scan in "Safe Mode" that way the scanning programs will have more chance to catch the program, as the minimum processes for the system are only activated in Safe Mode, so you'll stand a better chance of catching it..


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    I think morganlefay my be correct sounds to me like someone may have physically installed it on your PC, IE Parents, boss, Girlefriend, crazy friend Etc, You could get a list of keyloggeers and do search and delete, or back up needed files and restore...What drag... Sorry dude :-(

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    Another thing is to make sure you disable "system restore" when you run your virus scanner and if I were you I'd back everthing you "really" need and reformat. I say really need because the logger could be attached to any number of programs and when you reformat you'll just be putting it back onto your computer. There is a program called TDS by diamond that has a bunch of utilities to detect key loggers and spyware, but it's kind of expensive.
    Good Luck!

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    don't forget about HARDWARE loggers
    no software check is gonna find them ............

    so a physical check over the machine too ..............
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    If i were u. Reformat ur pc. that's the best way to kill that program.
    Right? so whenever u try to install any program remember and put on ur dumb brain that it is not always safe to INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE. AND REMEMBER ALWAYS UR PUCKING PASSWORD OK?

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    all keyloggers have a short key. usually its something with "ctrl+some alphabit key"

    try them first.

    to install keyloggers, the other person doesnt need to physically install the damm thing. there are programs that can be installed remotely.
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