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Thread: Google 2 Desktop ready for Download

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    Google 2 Desktop ready for Download

    Google Desktop Download

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    and the google shall inherit the earth. Im not sure if I trust google that much anymore with all there attempts at bribing me into submission. They might be the next big monopoly, just a thought.
    meh. -ech0.

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    Im not sure if I trust google that much anymore.
    My thought's exactly to me it's starting to look a little like spy tactics, i mean the Google toolbar is enough, but why on earth do you need it on your task bar for in the first place. I just don't see the point.
    but hey i'm sure others will find this new Toy usefull..


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    I've been using it for a while now, no problems. Someone should check the traffic going out to them or something and we can see if our suspicions are true.
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    sorry to bump the thread,

    but i was just wondering when you first install the software.
    It Indexe's stuff..
    What exactly is it indexing and why..?

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    It indexes your files so it can search through them faster. I liked it when I tryed it out just didn't need an application to search through my crap.

    And google on privacy:
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    It indexes your files so it can search through them faster.
    Why does it need to search your files to index them in the first place.. That's kind of like here's all my contents on my hard drive, go ahead take a good look..
    Who knows what there doing with all this data there recieving..

    just kind of worried cause i was thinking off installing on the box's in my Internet Cafe {32}, and now i'm having second opinions about it, so for now i've blocked it from being downloaded by customers..

    well until i can get more information, but don't look like i'm having much luck with that..

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    google is bad. google + Sarinmage=Unhappy SarinMage. Sarinmage no like google, it make him feel like caveman.

    .....yeah......i dotn trust google.

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