I want to create a small program but don't know where to start. I have no programming experience but am generally pretty good at teaching myself things as I go.
I don't want to use Java since I have experienced problems running some java applications in the environment I want to use the tool in.

All I'm looking for at the moment is suggestions for languages to consider and possibly suggestions for certain topics or commands to focus on as I begin trying to sort this out.

I have tried with limited success to do this using html, but want to use it as a stating point for learning a programing language.

Here's what I want it to do.
-not require installation wizard (no admin rights to install)
-open at least six seperate applications (I want to be able to define the order they are opened in and have them opened in that order each time the program is run.)
-log into the applications (at least the ones that allow 'remember me' already)
-each application needs to open in a full size and seperate window (a limitation I ran into when I tried to do this using html)
-needs to have easy way to change password for the applications when needed

I'm hoping this is basic enough to realistically use as a starting project.