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Thread: 'Critical' Windows fix coming for PCs

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    'Critical' Windows fix coming for PCs

    As part of its monthly patching cycle, Microsoft plans to release on Tuesday one security bulletin for the Windows operating system.

    The security bulletin is deemed "critical," Microsoft's highest risk rating, the company said in a notice posted on its Web site on Thursday. Last month's "Patch Tuesday" included nine bulletins covering 14 Windows flaws. Some of the patches have caused trouble for users since their Oct. 11 release.

    Microsoft rates as critical any security threat that could allow a malicious Internet worm to spread without any action required on the part of the user.

    Microsoft's notice did not specify which component of Windows is being repaired in Tuesday's bulletin or how many flaws the update will deal with. Security researchers have several unpatched flaws outstanding with Microsoft. For example, eEye Digital Security lists eight vulnerabilities on its Web site for which it considers fixes overdue.
    'Critical' Windows fix coming for PCs | CNET News.com

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    Of course, Microsoft tend to call a lot of things "critical" even when they're not.

    In my view, anything that can be used as a worm vector is critical. Anything that can lead to the compromise of a single PC is just "important".

    Microsoft's patches have a habit of breaking important functionality, so on mission critical servers you probably want to minimise unnecessary changes. I tend to use Microsoft's grading system as a guide, and then go and analyse them and come back with a more accurate threat analysis.

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    Hmm interested in seing what Os that they have designed the updates for? But what's with the secret.?.
    I paid for my version of Windows, and the license's to install it onto more then one machine on the network so i think i deserve to know if the Version i paid for is the one that needs this patch.

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