ok it has come up time and time again that the close to being banned list is pretty much useless as alot of people on it come post twice - get negged - they hit list, but their posts go sucidal so cant be negged anymore, and as they no longer post they float in an almost banned limbo.

What if we made a little change so that when number of negs goes beyond a certain point (say 2 red dots type level?) that member is then given a month to turn it around - if they dont system bans them.

would be fairly simple to implement - could even be added to login sequence to perform required calculations something like

w = neg limit
x = current date
y = date went over limit
z = number of antipoints

user logs in....
if z <= w && !y then y = x

elseif z< 0 && y + 2629744 > x then user = banned