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Thread: Ultimate Fighter Competitions

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    Ultimate Fighter Competitions

    Is anyone besides me watching these Ultimate Fighter Competitions...great show tonight...personally I think Luke Commo should have won the welterweight contract...he won the stand-up and took away the ground game...
    Brad should have won the heavyweight...on heart alone...almost got knocked out twice...once right off his feet and still kept on going...

    next up Diaz vs the Nightmare Sanchez...I pick Diaz in the second...but Sanchez is undefeated and has an excellent ground game...Diaz better stay on his feet.


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    Hey EG,

    Yep, just finished watching them. Great fights! All matches were 15 minutes of war. Mono - e- Mono. They demonstrated amazing endurance. (Of course I had to proceed it with NHRA Drag Racing (Qualify at Pomona, California). That's my favorite sport and I grew up with the Drag Strip just down the street. Anyway tomorrow the finals at 7pm EST on ESPN2! Go Force! Sounds like a freaking commerical)

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    Man, that stuff is way to violent for me. A fight is one thing, but that is a whole new level
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    I wish i could watch that stuff, but Cable comapany says they don't plan on showing that type of content..

    Been trying to get Extreme Fighting {What it's called here in Aus} for nearly a year now, had to rely on Relatives sendin stuff from the States to keep my thirst for violence quenched..


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    Stevenson vs. Cummo was absolutely great. Cummo was my favorite through the whole season.

    It’s a shame that in the lighter weight classes (because of strength/ weight ratio) are so easy for grapplers to just ground and pound. Stevenson vs. Cummo as well as Diaz vs. Sanchez these thick brutes only take the other guys down. In light heavy weight this wouldn’t have happened and they would have gotten knocked the hell out. Shame Shame.

    Don’t forget Hughes and Franklin defending their titles in 2 weeks… Talk about some tough mother….

    And for all the critics… (this is too violent booohooohooo). This IS the ultimate sport. Stuff your baseball , golf and nascar etc… where the sun don’t shine.

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    Diaz lost...big surprise to me....Sanchez, as figured, kept it on the ground...bleh!

    I'm a hockey fan...being Canadian that's almost a given...so, to me, this is hockey without the ice or the rules

    I'm a boxing fan too...but this almost makes boxing look fake by comparison.


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    I'm from former Czechoslovakia ... played ice hockey 15 years now, so of course I love it but I almost never watch it... don't have patience.

    Boxing ... heh... used to watch the big fights (Lewis, Tyson, Klitchko) untill I discovered UFC and Pride

    (by the way .. do you watch Pride)

    I really don't like Diaz that much but someone's gotta shut Sanchez up. Can you imagine Sanchez vs. Hughes... Hughes would tear him up. (same weight class)

    What I really want to see, is for a good muai-thai or kickboxer to knock out Sanchez. You can have a good ground game but if you can't defend Sanchez taking you down, you will not score. That's what happend to Diaz. 2 more rounds and Sanchez would be tired. Do you know the black Canadian guy that they call "Crow". He is one of my favorites. He knocked guys out w/ roundhouse kicks. Take him and add Chuck Liddell take down defence and Sanches will have never beat him.

    Sorry to rant ... but I love this sport!
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