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Thread: Just how Mental Are you?

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    Talking Just how Mental Are you?

    Ok i just stumbled onto this thought it was pretty fun.

    The Mental Test

    My result, well i knew it was only a matter of time..
    Truly moronic
    It's not the worst result achievable with this test, but it's still pretty stupid. Don't feel bad though, at least you can say 10 to 15 percent of all the people who took this test are more stupid than you. Sad part is some 80 percent can say the same about you.
    Tough break huh stupid?

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    1. Slacker

    Congratiulations! You just achieved the title of total wuss. You don't have any weird fantasies or anything. Everything is completely normal with you, so normal that it's getting boring. Anyway, I should say something nice about you now, since you scored the lowest and therefore one of the most normal people (?) who took this test. Euh... you probably take good care of your grandmother... nice enough. Now, go out and go get drunk! Be more fun!

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    5. Sick puppy

    You are one sick puppy! I don't even wonna know how you entered this world, although I can guess you're a product of incest. Twisted and perverted minds is something that seems to be common in your family.
    You are one of those people who think they got it all under control, but the truth is that even the slightest can make you snap. And when you do, there's no stopping in it. I got one piece of advice for you: don't listen to the voices in your head. Or another tip when things get crowded in your head: escape in dreams filled with beautiful naked women. Be horny, not mental!
    No surprise there....
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    4. Hangin' on the edge

    You are getting close my friend. You're still on the safe side now, but you don't need much to put you over the edge, to drive you into complete insanity. There probably are some sick tics and habits you already got. Like watching porn every day or something. Or having the dog lick food of your body when you spilled, and liking it. But you got a normal life. Very ambitious at work or at whatever it is you do, and stress will be the main reason you may snap one day. But for now you're still some time away from insanity, so enjoy it while it lasts!
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    And I always thought I was a special type of deviant.

    3. Average freak

    You are the average freak. There's really not much to tell about someone like you. You don't have any extreme pervert toughts or cravings. Or at least not more than the average, because everyone must have some (**** a chicken-day,huh?). You're just average... think about it. Not so special, isn't it? Wish you were special don't you? I'll tell you how to feel special: go into the nearest gay-bar and shout: "I'm a three input bitch!" I'm sure you'll feel appreciated then. Ok, after that bad joke there's only one piece of advice I can still give you: Carry on! Oh yeah, and never go to France.
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    Needless to say I scored the same as Allen~

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    Phew!! thank god it was multiple choice.

    2. Normal ?

    You're below the average freak, and just above the total wuss. That's about the best you can score with this test. Very good my friend (do keep in mind that this test is not to be taken seriously). Since I can't make fun of you now because you're totally sane, I'll just take it out on your mommy. Here it comes: your mommah is so fat that when she wears yellow, they think she's a schoolbus! Or how about this one: your mommy is so ugly that when she looks out the window, she gets arrested for mooning. Not to mention her stupidness: when she saw the Wet Floor sign, she took a leak. Ok, enough rampaging your mother. The bottom line is: You are among the most normal people ever to take this test. Congratulations!
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    I just took this test....not sure why. I scored the same as dalek. I thought I was much more strange than this...but seeing how I'm a girl...most of the questions (read: "boobies") just didn't really apply.

    Still a little disappointed though....

    Go Finland!
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    hi copyright ... same category

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    ********** |ceWriterguy
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    scored the same as Mox.
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