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    a proof that Katja wasn't a hot lesbian...

    but a dude...

    same goes for Ms.Mittens, Mathgirl and the rest of ya posers ... i just learned that girls don't even exist on the internet


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    Shhhhh....don't tell Negative!!

    Go Finland!
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    Who is Kaja?

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    ********** |ceWriterguy
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    1. some old, fat, bald guy like everyone else on teh interweb.

    2. someone best forgotten if folks would just LET IT DIE ALREADY SHE'S FREAKING GONE!

    Nuff said.
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    You will never know now......will ya

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Just can't get away from.....he/she?


    Help Mr. Wizard: I don't want to see Katja anymore!!!

    Drizzle, drazzle, dradle, drone
    Time for this one to come home.

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    Okay, I've wanted to ask this for years. Why? Why would I pretend to be a girl if I were a boy? What is the goal? What is the purpose? Are we assuming that they are gay men trying to get the attention of lonely internet men? Are we assuming that they're just ****ing around and trying to make someone look like a fool? I've never understood this, it totally baffles me. Also, when I chat to a man, the first question out of my mouth is never "Do you have pics?" Why are men so damn paranoid that they're talking to a man pretending to be a girl?
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    Debs we aint paranoid that we are talking to a man posing as a woman - we're just hoping to see some ****

    As for the whole 'why do men pose as women' - well I think all your answers might be right...and then again none of them maybe. I have known several people (even on this site) who have posed as the opposite sex, not for any actual sexual or homo-erotic reason. Sometimes to prove a point. Sometime to piss people off or make them look like idiots.

    I guess what am saying is not every guy will / has done it - but am pretty sure that whatever reason you can come up with for why they would....someone will or already has

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    I have man boobs.

    Anyone want a pic?

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    I have man boobs.

    Oh dear not that pic again

    He really does honestly
    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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