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Thread: windows vista codename longhorn help needed

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    Angry windows vista codename longhorn help needed

    i have amd athlon 64 with 1gb ram. recently i got hold of the new version of windows called windows vista codename longhorn. now i am totally not happy with the stuff. fine it looks good. but so far its a little unstable and keeps crashing. so now i am looking fwd to formatting my hard disk and reloading the xp version.

    its not formatting, not runnig the xp windows setup, not going into the recovery like its supposed to and not starting in ms dos. everytime i startup, it just starts the longhorn. it conflicts with my sound adapter and everytime i load the drivers for sound, the window just wont start and i have to startup in last known good configuration. then again there is no sound.

    need help to format and reload windows or to fix the problem.

    all i have is
    recovery disk
    windows xp setup disk
    windows longhorn disk

    i will be able to follow the instructions given
    help needed

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    yanno, you *might* get a bit more help if Longhorn had actually been released to the public outside of specific beta testers. If you're a beta tester, I suggest strongly you contact Microsoft instead of trying to social engineer on a security thread. If you're running an 'acquired' copy, oh well, sucks to be you. You knew the risks of installing it before you tried.

    My advice: Beat the hell out of the guy who gave it to you and suggested a noob like you install a beta o/s.

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    Go into BIOS and set A: as 1st boot device to boot from floppy and when you do (boot from floppy) then FDISK and remove the partition that "wronghorn" is installed on. Create new partition, format and install an OS you're qualified to run.
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