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    Have you tried booting into safe mode ?

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    these pop ups for websites have made it a hell, when i goto etc/ hosts.sam and try to edit

    Why are you attempting to change the hosts.sam file, it is the HOSTS file without the extension which holds the information.To read that file you can open it in notepad or wordpad.

    To understand about HOST files check this site out:All you ever wanted to know about the HOST

    Also if you have been following the advice given, the pop-up problems should have been resolved by now.

    Switch to Firefox and put the adblock extension on it. Also as has been mentioned previously, do your scans in safe mode, delete all temp files, empty your recycle bin,check for rogue processes with the task manager.

    If after you have done all of these and are still getting pop ups, then go to safe mode and disable your System Restore, and reboot into normal mode, this will flush out all of your previous restore points.

    Run your scans again, and do a disk cleanup and defrag, then re-enable the system restore if the pop-ups have disappeared.

    Your etc folder for WinXp pro should look like this. The file that has the addresses in it is the one marked in Upper Case HOSTS on some OS's it may appear in lower case, but in XP pro and home it is in Upper Case and is important to note this, so when you add the txt extension to it it remains as Upper Case.
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    ... id reccomend

    scan with ad aware spybot spydoctor and spysweeper what one misses other one will pick it up it worked for me perfectly fine when i had a problem like that

    also there was this program its free you load it an if you use IE... he will block all the bad sites for you block all the known activeX and such i mean its not much but it still helps
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    Hi Dalek,

    Dont get offended i m right now typing this email from firefox , but this seemed to have made the situations worse. ? HOW ? IE opens a new window on popup , but this firefox so far tends to open those junk sites on Current window which means i retype content like this twice

    Nihil - I went in the safe mode , and it helped me deleting those entries , the moment i came out in the normal it corrupted the host file .. so now i follow what has been suggested earlier. -

    - i will try and change the hosts file in safe mode, at the same time try and use host file security as stated in above posts.

    - used spybot and MS antispy ware, and norton not to miss out, but still the popups are coming

    - i will check those other softwares as well stated in the above post.

    let me know if there is anything i can try as well...

    Once again thank you all for the consistent support.


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    Not a problem

    Would like you to do this though! go to Merjin
    read up on Highjack this logs and post it here, maybe there is more to the problem then just pop-ups.
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    Tried CWShredder?

    Has anybody tried CWShredder ??? I have had this problem before, and when i used CWShredder it did solve the problem. (looking at what you posted as your hosts file, i had the 'i get net' thing that you had too)
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