I think Microsoft is taking notice of the Open Source and Free software market ...

Microsoft is also releasing cut down versions of SQL Server and Visual Studio, labelled 'Express', which will be available as a free download from the Microsoft website.
It realy says free in this line does it ??

This is an attempt to get more hobbyists and non-developer enthusiasts to use the code, of which there has already been over a million downloads of the preview version.
For the hobybyists and non-developer enthusiasts ... cool ... If it were a hobby that is

But if I check the Microsoft website of this Visual Studio Express Here then I see it is free ok ...but for 1 year only see here.

SQL Express is supposed to be free though Link

Full article Here .

Oracle users are going to be offered a 50 per cent discount on licensing costs if they move over to Microsoft code. The firm has also bought Oracle migration tools from developer DB Best which will be available free to migrating customers.
You see that's more the Microsoft I know