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Thread: Windows Update Screwed Up My Machines!

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    Angry Windows Update Screwed Up My Machines!

    So this is wierd...

    We have some older IBM NetVistas running Windows 2000 with 256mb RAM, so they're not that fast, but as workstations they've done ok...until the last update.

    I recently ran Windows Update on them and installed the lastest update that came out recently, and now it's screwed them up. Not just one of them either, so it's a fairly consistent issue. After the update, it takes an unusually long time for a user to log in, then once finally logged in, it blue screens for a bit, then finally loads the desktop. This means a LONG wait anytime someone wants to use one of these boxes.

    What's really strange is that once logged in, Ctrl-Alt-Del will not work. You can hit those keys all day long, and nothing will happen. It also takes an exceptionally long time to log out, and sometimes it will simply ignore logout commands; you have to manually turn the computer off to get out!

    This does not occur until the latest Windows Update is installed. Prior to that all was well on all of these machines.

    So has anyone else encountered this? What in the world could be the problem?

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    We run several windows 2000 machines with the same specs...no problems

    Sounds like a NIC issue to me...

    Check IBM for an updated driver...or just try to reapply the NIC driver...may fix it

    Also...is the server you are authenticating with at the same SP level??

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    I have had problems recently with .NET updates and Win2000.............you might look to see if there is a corrective update?

    Also, stick and extra 256Mb strip in one of them and see if it makes a difference, I will bet that it doesn't

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    Windows Update is notorious for busting up hardware via their nifty hardware update section. I recently DLed a hardware update for a GeForce 4 card and it blue screened the hell out of my machine. The second I got the driver from the vendor, all was well.

    Take a look at what updates were applied to one of the hosts. Check and see if any are related to hardware updates (of course I'm talking about the MS driver updates for your hardware) and roll it back on one and see if the issue goes away.

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