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Thread: New Web Browser supports Social Networking

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    New Web Browser supports Social Networking

    Wonder whether it has been covered here before.....

    Flock is a new browser, built on top of firefox. It is a functional browser with excellent features (including firefox features like tabbed browsing, etc.). What really makes is stand out are two additional features they’ve added to build social networking directly into the browsing experience: social bookmarking and a blog writing tool.

    Flock has integrated del.icio.us-type features right into the browser. When you are on a page you would like to bookmark, simply press a “+” button on the top left of the toolbar and the page is automatically included in your bookmark area (called your “breadcrumbs”). You can also tag bookmarks, of course. Additional features include your “watchlist” (people who’s bookmarks you would like to monitor), and “groups” (basically, defined groups of flockers linking to this category). Breadcrumbs, Watchlists and Groups all have RSS feeds

    Blog posts can be created and posted from within the browser, while a sidebar called Shelf acts as a repository for blogging content, such as photos and text; items on the Shelf can be dragged into place on the blog post. Flock integrates with a number of popular blogging services, including Wordpress, Six Apart and Blogger, according to Decrem's own blog.

    A service for storing and sharing Web bookmarks, as well as Flickr, Yahoo's (Quote, Chart) photo management/sharing service. Users can install alternative services, and the company plans to continue to integrate with others.

    Here is the further reading for this story..





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    you know the Search feature isnt that bad on this site..

    YEs been done before::::


    for an early beta.. looks ok
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