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Thread: find username from computer name

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    Lightbulb find username from computer name

    I hav recently becum an assistant administrator @ a school, my problem is th@ the school is running a MS Windows XP network and most of my previous networking experience is with *nix based networks.

    My problem is th@ sum kids @ the school r purposefully cause problems on the network and although I know wh@ machine the kid in question is logged in 2 I do not know how to find out the kid's username from the "computer name".

    Could sum1 please tell me how I can find out the username of a person who is logged on 2 a specific machine, preferably using the command line.

    thanx in advance,


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    could you please remove all the {@} from the post and maybe re-write it cause i found it difficult to read with {@ } all through the post..

    all i can say is that if you know what computer the kid is logged into, then just grab the login logs from that computer and i'm sure you'll be able to match name with user..


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    There are a couple of tools mentioned here:


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    There are several ways to find out who is logged in on a Windows box remotely.

    But for the cmd line ... the easiest (and the one that I use mostly) is

    "nbtstat -a [computername or IP-address]"

    It returns something like this:

    NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

    Name Type Status
    PC-Name <00> UNIQUE Registered
    Domain-Name <00> GROUP Registered
    PC-Name <20> UNIQUE Registered
    PC-Name <03> UNIQUE Registered
    Domain-Name <1E> GROUP Registered
    User-Name <03> UNIQUE Registered

    In normal circumstances you don't need admin rights to see this, but it will not work if Netbios over TCP/IP is disabled.

    There is a vb-script that you can use, you can find it HERE but you need admin rights to be able to use it... seeing you are one that shouldn't be a problem then.

    Other ways ... Well use some third party tools ... too many to list here , but Hyena or Dameware are a few , but I wouldn't install them without permission of the School administrator because these apps are not meant for screwing arround.

    There might be other ways to ... have to look into that , but this is what comes to mind.

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    I was a school IT tech for 3 years so I thought I'd proffer some words of advice in your new post.

    Drop the skiddyleet crap as .:front2back:. points out it's hard to read and it makes you look like an unprofessional wannabe. School kids can smell bullshit from 20 miles.

    When investigating kids like this, when you get the evidence to take it forward don't do it yourself. Unless you are a member of teaching staff you are neither paid or qualified to shout at or otherwise punish pupils. Pass it to a designated teacher ot the senior managment and let them be the bad guys.

    Be polite to the pupils, never talk down to them or take the piss. If they decide they hate you they could make your life a misery. The children are never your friends it is a 'them-and-us' situation. they will be nice to you to get what they want and then they'll happily screw you over.

    Be the grey man.

    More seriously, never stay in a room alone with a single pupil. If it's unavoidable ensure the door is wide open.

    Teachers are arseholes. They will talk down to you and treat you like a skivvy. Don't be scared to put them in their place but never shout and not in front of a class. Generally they are idiots also but try not to talk down to them either. You are the professional round here.

    Never ever, underestimate children. Every school had a prodigy or 3. You might be clever but you're no match for 100 kids working together to screw up a network.

    Try not to let your mouth hang open too much when the head girl comes in asking for advice in her hockey kit. I failed that one.

    apart from that enjoy the job. It's a good grounding for a lot of IT work and security work. you'll get hit with every attack known to man as the kids desperately try to get to pr0n, ringtones for phones, games or just to break something for the hell of it.

    The software you'll be forced to run could be 15 years old (I had to fix a 20 year+ BBC master) and you'll be expected to be a guru in everything from WMI programming to photoshop.

    Geek kids will ask your advice on badly modded pcs, teachers will pay you to fix home pcs. You'll learn a lot of people skills too.

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    thanx 4 all the help & advice.

    Although, I don't think that I am a wannabe, if I wanted to be a "script kiddy" then wouldn't my post b full of 3s instead of Es and 4s instead of As etc.

    My main problem is that really I am a programmer and not a tech, but I am on a gap year from my software development course so I am filling in my time with this job, as no1 will give me a programming job if I havn't finished my degree dispite my existing programming skills. That said, I do enjoy this job and am learning a lot.

    I would like to thank Cemetric 4 the pratical help and Aspman 4 the advice, despite the minor insult.



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    I think aspman gave excellent advice...

    And I am wondering when you have to do paperwork, documentation or school work...

    Do you use those 4s @s Bs etc....???

    I know its the **New** thing with text messaging....but I find it difficult to read...

    Then again I am an *old Fart*

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    If I am writing anything that is for print or for presentation then I write in true English, although I find it quicker to write in txt language went writing unofficially. When I write notes for myself then I write in my own language, a cross between the C++ programming language and txt language (i.e. || instead of "or" and 4 instead of "for").

    btw- if people are finding it difficult to understand what I am writing then I will cut out the txt language, I am capable of writing in English if I so wish.



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    One reason not to use those txt language things like @ and || is that alot of visitors here don't speak english as their native language.. They'll have a hard time understanding..

    One other tool... have a look at pstools from sysinternals.. It contains psloggedon..

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    Also if you are a system administrator and are asking help from fellow system admins it is helpful to project yourself as a professional type person - people will be more willing to take time-out to help you, instead of thinking, if he cant be bothered to take the time to write his question properly, why should I take thew time to answer him.

    Not critisizing you, just telling you how it is.
    Drugs have taught an entire generation of kids the metric system.


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