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Also if you are a system administrator and are asking help from fellow system admins it is helpful to project yourself as a professional type person - people will be more willing to take time-out to help you, instead of thinking, if he cant be bothered to take the time to write his question properly, why should I take thew time to answer him.

Not criticizing you, just telling you how it is.
Exactly my thinking. If you can't take the time to help us. Why should we take the time to help you? Just like everyone else, I'm not trying to insult you either. My boss used to call it constructive criticism. It is just courteous to write properly (or the the best of your ability) when you want help or you are helping someone.

If you're just chatting with a friend on an instant messaging app... then it is fine. I do it all the time.

However, this board and others you may visit are not instant messaging.

When you do get the job you want... how long do you think it'll take for your boss to tell you it isn't appropriate? You're basically broadcasting "I'm either too lazy to write properly or I don't know how".

Nobody is saying it has to be perfect. If you look at my previous posts... they are far from perfect.