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    Probably not a helpful post...

    Originally posted here by MrBabis
    I have no problem to acces linux shares from windows boxes.

    I am not using domain server in my network.
    I have seen that it can cause some connection problem sometimes.

    And also firewall that block NetBIOS ports that uses for share connections.
    It is good to shut it down.
    Yeah, just shut down those firewalls, they are pesky and block your user needs. Who needs
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    If firewall actualy need. So it is good to set up rulls that will work.
    Allow NetBIOS and disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

    ....ehhh.. not all users can use firewalls and set up rulls corret. So for them it usualy enough with buildin windows xp firewall. Just more advaced homeusers need firewalls..... or then will disbale network of whole windows......and then do install of windows again in hope that this will help with progblems....
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    Linux ... Mounting drives....

    This file will mount a linux drive on a windows box....

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