hey all whats happening

running SuSE 10.. having samba issues..

first off i have never been able to get samba fully working on any platform

Samba server is on... samba client works *i think*

no errors i can see in samba or netbios log files
no idea where the sambaclient log file is.. if there is one

ok... samba server is running, all firewalls are open for samba

samba sees the workgroups... but i cant connect to any of them
"sorry, couldnt display the contents of:
' Windows Network: Mshome' "

if i try through samba client... nothing

smbclient -L DaniDesktop
Connection failed
smbclient //danidesktop/
connection failed

so now i ran this to get some more information

smbclient //danidesktop/ -d 3 -l /var/log/samba <-- debug lvl3

i cant really figure out why i cant get a connection... do i need a wins server or name server??

i have looked my problem up on google... didnt yield much results

my main goal is linking cups to a printer on my network... found many great tutorials on that so im covered there

im attaching the log file, wont let me copy it into box

if anyone can help please do,