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Thread: moderator list

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    When death sleeps it dreams of you...

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    Neither are quite a few of them.
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    Hi muert0,

    There's a lot of areas that haven't been updated in awhile


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    cause Nihil is a Global Mod, would that mean that Jupmedia are paying him like they are Neg and MsM..?

    None of my business but bleh i'm aloud to get a little curious now and again..


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    I would think so. Hmmm Join The Best Music Social Network Online. Music downloads, promotions, forums, profile, games etc...

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    Well there are two possibilities:

    1. They only put people they pay for on that list.

    2. I am not on the list because my job is to "dry gulch" Trolls.................and no respectable organisation admits to employing professional hitmen?

    Anyways, I haven't got my tall boots and long brown coat yet............I guess that I am still an "intern"

    I am not that fond of cigars...................................................................
    If you cannot do someone any good: don't do them any harm....
    As long as you did this to one of these, the least of my little did it unto Me.
    What profiteth a man if he gains the entire World at the expense of his immortal soul?

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    and no respectable organisation admits to employing professional hitmen?
    It's not called a Hitman these days, it's known as a Gentle Persuader

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    I updated the list of moderators in the FAQ. Anything else that needs updating?

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    Anything else that needs updating?
    Yes, your mug shot needs to be uploaded to the Ao Wallpaper thread ...

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    Originally posted here by .:front2back:.
    Yes, your mug shot needs to be uploaded to the Ao Wallpaper thread ...
    Hahaha....yes it does! Come on Dries!! What about the one of you coughing up bad kaas kroketten??

    Go Finland!
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