WoW - I dont' know WTF is going on ..............

I have macroMedia Flash and Fireworks 8. everytime I go to a site that requires Flash Player it tells
me that I have to install it .......... it is installed.

Iv been pouring over Macromedias website and haven't found an answer. I made sure that ActiveX is allowed through my firewall (Kerio Personal) - and even disabled my Norton AutoProtect and firewall and still I can't get anything. I'v uninstalled and re-installed Flash Player and even ran the apps repair wizard.
When I came to Antionline to look around for some answers I got a message in my browser (Firefox) saying additional plugins need to be installed to view the pages correctly (Java runtime environment).

Thinking that this may have something to do with Flash Player not playing in my browser I went to install the update and got an error message (see attached file).

As a stand alone, Flash Player runs fine, when Im testing, running or executing my own movies and projects or ones Iv DLed. It's just running it from my browser that is not working.

Advice about either one or both of these problems would be very welcome.