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Thread: Encryption tutorial (link to)

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    Encryption tutorial (link to)

    Hey guys and girls,

    I was looking for some info on encryption, preferably in a portable or printable document.

    I stumbled on THIS SITE .

    The guy made a nice (as far as I read it) tutorial on encryption, this is excellent for people new to encryption or for the ones that just want to know more about it. It handlesDES ,EAP and more.

    It doesn't go in depth but will bring you nice up to speed for more common encryption techniques used.

    The tutorial is done at a reasonably high level, there are about two dozen books which cover things like DES encryption done at the bit-flipping level so I haven't bothered going down to this level. Instead I cover encryption protocols, weaknesses, applications, and other crypto security-related information. Since the slides are accompanying material for a proper tutorial, there's a lot of extra context which isn't available just by reading the slides. Bear in mind that some of the claims and comments on the slides need to be taken in the context of the full tutorial.
    I'm sure more people will be interested in this tutorial as they are not easy to be found in such clear explanation (Well I can't find them easy anyway ).

    I still have more to read, but I thought to share it allready to see what you guys/girls think!

    I've done a search on AO to see if it was allready posted, I couldn't find it, If it has been posted before my appologies, then I'll have to brush up my searching techniques I guess

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    Its good site with lot of information.
    Thanks Cemetric for letting us know about the site.

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    thanks a lot for letting us know cemetric.. the site was really informative.. I don't think the guys needs to brush up his searching skills. I mean, if he write a tut on Cryptology... I think he was just absent minded at that moment !!!

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    Here is a link to one I did a while back, basic and to the point.
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    Most defenitely worthy of a bookmark.

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