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    Tor and Privoxy sprang to mind immediately
    I have been playing with these for some time now; you need patients though, as they tend to slow you down a bit. Mind you my box is not what you would call state of the art. Messenger works well with Tor and Privoxy. I have not come across a method of Torifying outlook though. I would be interested if anyone knows a way to do that.

    Mind you outlook has its own ability to encrypt out going mail.
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    This stuff isn't rocket science.... The problem is that the politicians aren't even close to being rocket scientists...
    The problem is that if politicans were rocket scientists we'd all be dead. :P
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    Originally posted here by alleyCat

    I still firmly believe people should have to pass an operators exam and gain a computer licence before embarking on the adventures of touching a keyboard... Let alone wireless! [/B]
    Think about how many people pass a driving test and they can't drive at all! Just because you pass a test does not mean you are certified to do anything. I can't count how many people I see driving every day that shouldn't even HAVE a license, because they don't yield, don't signal, speed, drive too slow, etc., et al.

    Licensing is NOT the way to go.
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    Time for us to take a little driving adventure, I say.
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