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Thread: Problems with a Motherboard???

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    Problems with a Motherboard???

    Capacitors are an inexpensive little component on a PC motherboard, but they can be a costly headache for manufacturers when a whole bunch of them go bad.
    At issue are faulty capacitors on motherboards that store power and regulate voltage. Defective capacitors found in the Dell Optiplex workstations, some Apple iMac G5s, HP xw-series workstations made in 2004 and PCs with the Intel D865GBF motherboard have been found to bulge, pop, leak and crust over, causing video failure and periodic system shutdowns.

    Photos showing Dell's Optiplex GX270 and Optiplex GX280 with defective capacitors have been widely reported on Web sites such as Badcaps.net, PowerEdgeForums.com. Pictures of other faulty capacitors have been spotted on Apple's own discussion boards, MacOSG.com, and G5Support.com.
    PCs plagued by bad capacitors | CNET News.com

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    Go here to read how it came to pass.

    The reason the capacitor problem exists in the first place is because of a large-scale industrial espionage foul-up. Some component manufacturers decided to steal an electrolyte formula from another competitor. Little be known to them, the stolen formula was incomplete and flawed. They didn't discover this until it was too late and they had manufactured and distributed literally MILLIONS of these flawed capacitors

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    I just looked at my SOYO AMD board that I run my telescope software on, it has 7 swollen Wendell caps. I'm not too worried since itís an old board from 2000. I haven't had any leaks yet, but son they are definitely in combustion mode! They're all scored on the tops to relieve some of the pressure anyways. They always have a K or X cut in them. I have this one that looks like it's gonna go on the next vibration....

    Wendell's blow!

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