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    toshiba laptop

    hey all i have been working on a laptop and suddenly it decides that it has 2 screens but it doesnt and now i cant get it to the regular one screen its using an ati video card and when i did an assesment of the card it said i had the latest driver for it and i cant seem to figure it out help would be appreciated -_-||

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    Have you tried Un-installing the latest driver and reverting to the original driver..?

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    If you have the ATI Catalyst Control Centre, goto "displays manager" and try to fix it there "force detection" seems like a potential option?

    hey all i have been working on a laptop
    And what exactly were you doing/have done?

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    IIRC you can use Fn (function-key; usually blue) + F8 to switch from internal (lcd), external (vga-connector) or both...
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