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Thread: Has anyone used All Seeing Eye

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    Has anyone used All Seeing Eye

    Has anyone here used the program All Seeing Eye? I was wondering if there were any problems with this program or if it is worth having it run. I use adaware and spybot not at the same time plus a firewall set at high also an updated daily antivirus program. My main reason for asking is a friend told me about nasty dlls and said that this program was one of the best for getting rid of them.
    The web address for the program is www.fortego.com it is a free program for those that might want to check it out.
    Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Doesn't lookd bad. I might try it out.
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    Resource Hog and will drive you nuts after awhile.

    Go with Winpatrol or Processguard.
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